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The Ever So Brilliant Ford Fiesta ST200

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Aug 19, 2016
Ford Fiesta ST200

Ford’s new weapon in its arsenal, the Ford Fiesta ST200

The Ford Fiesta is a very impressive car and is overall a sweet and stylish drive. It is seen as much better than the normal hot hatch. The improvements that have been made have given this car the extra oomph that drivers were looking for. The dial has now been increased to 11 and the bhp has now reached above 197 with an extra 19bhp. The previous model of Ford Fiesta 2017 was never slow but this extra addition has made it even more impressive and attractive to buyers. The added kit increases the value and adds a touch of style to the supermini. On the other hand, the cost of the premium addition has had some negative reviews. It costs £3000 which is very expensive considering the fact that other models will add these touches for just a percentage of this price.


Those who love the Hot hatch will also love the Ford Fiesta ST. it is one of the bestselling hatchbacks which is surprising considering it is not as up to date as other rivals. The firepower of other models is much more impressive yet the Ford Fiesta ST200 still sells more.


This car was first driven in June and on the roads of Europe and it has now also been tested on British soil. Although the plates are German this is a UK car from the cologne factory and is a right hand drive.

New Ford Fiesta ST200

New Ford Fiesta ST200

The ST200 has extra power and alongside that other changes have been made. The steering has had some adjustments made and the gearbox has been tweaked slightly. There is a new reprogrammed ESP system and there are now dampers and anti-roll bars. The look has been improved with new paint in certain areas. If all this wasn’t impressive enough this model is considered a whole two tenths faster than the normal car in terms of the 0-62mph transmission.


The model has a new over boost function which means the effective and enjoyable engine for the driver and as mentioned above the bhp increase means it is now at 212bhp with a torque of 290Nm, a 50 Nm increase from the standard model. When the over boost is on this torque shoots up to 320Nm. These changes make this model attractive to buyers looking for an enjoyable ride and Fiesta also has a near instant turbo and third gear pull which is an amazing feature and very beneficial especially in overtaking.

Ford Fiesta ST200 Engine

Ford Fiesta ST200 Engine

All these changes are great but again the price seems to be a downfall for Ford. Other tuners such as mountune charge about 20% of the Ford cost for extra packages. Although mountunes package doesn’t include the steering and gearbox adjustments, everything else is included so Fords package is seen as very costly.


Expectations for the UK are around 400 models being sold so it will not be so easily and widely available. It has many impressive features and seems to be what drivers want, the price may make it abit tricky but with time this model may become one of the speediest and impressive Fords.

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