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Ford Mondeo Diesel Engine

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Mar 1, 2017
Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo is a supreme quality car with a well-mannered engine under the bonnet.


The Ford Mondeo is indeed a big, practical family car that’s shockingly enjoyable to drive. Ford smartly continues to top the UK sales charts. Although, this is largely down to its smaller models; in recent few years the Mondeo has been squeezed by a shift in the company car market mainly towards premium brands. This latest Mondeo not only has the ability to compete with traditional opponents from Vauxhall and VW, then, but the likes of the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series too. Is it really a viable alternative to these desirable saloons?


Ford Mondeo Interior

Ford Mondeo Interior

The Mondeo’s suspension is able enough to smooth out the vast majority of bumps in the different roads, even when the car is fitted along with big, 19-inch wheels. What’s more, the seats of the car remain comfortable for hours, and there is a wide range of adjustment, involving adjustable lumbar support for the driver (the car’s front passenger gets this as well unless you select the entry-level spec). Some noise of the tyres enters the car over poorly surfaced roads and the engine in the hybrid becomes noisy when one put ones foot down. However, the diesels are strikingly smooth and few of the rivals are as good at shutting out wind noise.


The Ford Mondeo is a massive car, so it can easily swallow five adults and their worldly possessions without even breaking a sweat. Six-footers can stretch right out in both the front and the back. Plus the boot is huge and well-shaped, and there are lots of useful storage cubbies between the front seats. True, the hybrid is accessible only as a saloon, which means it has a relatively small boot opening that restricts what one can carry. But the other models in the range all have a hatchback-style opening that provides easy access.

Ford Mondeo Performance

Ford Mondeo Performance

Gear Shift:

The Ford Mondeo has an exact gearshift and a light clutch with plenty of feel, so it is an easy car to drive smoothly. The 150 Ford Mondeo diesel engine is muscular enough to make the 180 feel redundant. And most versions of the car are obtainable along with the option of an automatic gearbox. In fact, the only thing that is tricky along with the Mondeo is parking. Its sheer size rules completely out plenty of spaces, while a steeply sloped back window that looks like a pillbox slot clearly from the driver’s seats also causes problems. And the optional parking sensors are a must.


Ford Mondeo Steering

Ford Mondeo Steering

If there is one car that disproves the idea that big family hatchbacks have to be dull to ride, the Ford Mondeo is it. It feels aggressive and responsive, while the steering is consistent in its reaction and reassuringly weighted. Only the hybrid model somehow disappoints; the steering in this has a much stronger self-centering action that truly makes it hard to place the car precisely in corners.


The 150 diesel is probably to be the biggest seller, and this returns up to almost 68.9mpg in Government tests. That is slightly down on the 70.6mpg that the equivalent VW Passat delivers, but it nicely matches the economy of the most efficient BMW 3-series, the 320d Efficient Dynamics. You get quite similar figures from the Mondeo hybrid (at least officially), though in the real world the hybrid is likely to be more effective than the 2.0-litre diesel around town, but considerably thirstier on some long motorway runs.

Ford Mondeo Engine

Ford Mondeo Engine

The most frugal engine in the Mondeo range is the 1.6-litre diesel, which averages 78.5mpg. That is more than any Passat can handle, and while this engine doesn’t have the power of the 2.0-litre diesel, it’s yet strong enough to let one keep pace with the daily flow of traffic.


The Ford Mondeo impressively blends space and comfort along with driving fun, and while there are plenty of rivals along with classier interiors, most of them will cost one more to buy and run. Whether one is looking for a family car or a business car, then, the Mondeo is undoubtedly a fine choice.

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