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Ford Motor Finally Unleashes its Future Plans!

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Oct 13, 2015
The Blue Oval


Why Should Ignore It? The Ford is also keen to join the race for autonomous-vehicles, say Blue Oval officials

Ford Motor has released the details of its investment plans for the future, the officials say, the company is committed towards its autonomous-vehicles and smart cars for the future. The company is looking forward to invest $1.8 billion over the course of five years in the future.


The experts at ford motors say, it is no more just a tech industry instead has become an auto tech industry. The recent technological advancements had reshaped the global auto industry.


Ford Motors

Ford Motors


The race for autonomous-vehicles has increased many folds, the leading automobile brands are fighting to bring the best autonomous vehicle in the world. The Ford rival, General Motor has made “heightened partnership” with Mobileye to develop and test self-driving cars at its technical facility near Detroit.


Likewise, the tech giant Apple has announced to develop electric car by 2019, the Apple is also planning for other autonomous features in vehicles in the future.


Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous Mobility


The same is true for Alphabet, the company is committed to launch self-driving vehicle by 2020 and already a lot of news are released about Tesla motor future plans of self-driving vehicle.


Apart from the US tech companies, the Chinese search giant Baidu is also working on an autonomous-vehicle project. The search engine has partnered with Uber.


Ford Autonomous Vehicles

Ford Autonomous Vehicles


China has become the world’s largest car market after surpassing U.S. The Ford Motor wants to enjoy this potential benefits out of the Chinese car market. The Ford Motor has unleashed a plan to introduce smartphone connectivity features in cars that will be available for sales in China.


The Ford Motor has sold 531,702 passenger cars in the automobile market in China during 2015. The Volkswagen and General Motors have already gained the significant market share of the Chinese car market.






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