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Ford Spotlights the Cyclists and Pedestrians on Road

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Aug 5, 2015
Ford Spotlighting Cyclist

New Ford headlights technology with advanced nitroxen oxide cabin filter puts the pedestrians in the spotlight.


In the future, no cyclists or pedestrians will be ignored by Ford drivers because Ford has developed some advanced and modern technology to put them into the spotlight and it will soon be available on its all model range.


It is a new adaptive lighting system that has a camera to scan hazards and an entire system to react to those hazards, an air filter is also equipped that removes almost all nitrogen oxide from the car’s cabin.


Development of the adaptive front lighting system, infrared cameras are installed to let the beams widen the delivery of light at the junctions and roundabouts. This setup allows the blue oval drivers to spot upcoming hazards.


It helps the driver to quickly get out of the range of hazard coming towards the direction of travel. Pedestrians, stray animals and cyclists are the main Focus.

An Animal ahead

An Animal ahead

For the traffic signals recognition, these lights can use GPS and Traffic Sign Recognition to prepare the lighting system accordingly.

Vice President of Research and Advanced Engineering, Ken Washington, told the media that drivers at night will able to swiftly and timely react to the hazards suddenly appearing on the road.


Further to this, the research and development team is working on the adaptive lighting and spot lighting system which will trace up to eight moving objects on the road at the same time.

Hazards Ahead

Hazards Ahead

The fog light LEDs mark out the hazards by illuminating it with a spotlight beam. A central console display can show the objects out on the road which are in the range of 390 feet.


Apart from the technology, there is a new active particulate cabin filter introduced that keeps the pollen like micro objects out of the cabin.

New generation of Ford Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max will be the first models to host this technology but soon it will be available on the entire model lineup of Ford.




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