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Ford Tests Revolutionary Headlamps

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Jul 28, 2015
Adaptive Lights

These new headlamps don’t just brighten up the roads ahead, they do more than that

As the auto industry leaping into the new era of technological advancement, the vehicles are not only getting the in-cabin, on-board hi-tech components but also scientific wonders on the outside. Take the headlamps, for instance, they are considered to be brightening up the road ahead and nothing more, but that is gone now as Ford is working on its new prototype lighting system.


What is this new lighting system?


According to Ford, their new lighting system is capable of learning the roads and pointing out the obstacles while adopting the most suitable lighting configurations under specific situations.


Headlights Formation

Headlights Formation


Automaker is calling it “Camera-based Advanced Front Lighting System” which is capable of widening the beam at junctions, and to learn the curvature of the road, it utilises the forward-facing camera or the GPS information, thus adjusting the lighting accordingly. The beauty of this system is that it can spotlight animals and pedestrians as potential hazards.


How the spotlighting feature works?


An infrared camera in the grille is used to locate and track as many as eight people and/or large animals within a range of 393 feet from the vehicle under the spotlighting feature.


Ford Adaptive Headlights

Ford Adaptive Headlights


Dedicated LED lamps next to the fog lamps shine a spot and a strip on the road surface when the system detects two hazards. Depending on the distance, these highlighted obstacles are marked with a red or yellow frame and are also displayed on the car’s dashboard screen.


Why use GPS then?


For perfect illumination, this system uses forward-facing camera – mounted in the base of the rear-view mirror – or the GPS to learn about the upcoming road curvature and adjust the headlamps accordingly.


Lights on curve

Lights on curveForf, new technology


The proof of this system being the work of genius is that once the given road has been analysed, the navigation system stores the information and adjust the light automatically when that route is driven again in the future.


This system has been developed at the European Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen – Ford’s facility in Germany – and based on Traffic Sign Recognition tech and Advanced Front Lighting System.


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