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Ford Tourneo Connect Engines are Impressive

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Sep 10, 2018
Ford Tourneo Connect

The most costly among the trims keep the total price lower than any of the competitors

Five seat version of Ford SUV is Ford Tourneo Connect and it is really spacious for five adults and practically sound to allow you space for different small things. With many trimming possibilities it has become more like MPV than a commercial van. Sliding doors and a reasonable boot area further enhance the utility of the vehicle. Three engines are present in the range and this variation is quite lucrative for the drivers to choose one of them. Reconditioned Ford Tourneo Connect engines are quite impressive in performance and they are fitted with due diligence. This five-seat model has been responded with much vigour and sales figure confirm it. Rear row of seats split 60/40 and can be removed fully to offer extended room for the load.

Large windows make it airy and panoramic sunroof further adds to this feel. The appearance of the commercial van is very much changed with trim levels, so the buyers may not worry about it. You may find shortcomings in the vehicle but remember the price before raising eyebrows on any of the features of the automobile. Even the most costly of the trims keep the total price lower than any of the competitors’ mid-range trim package. Price depreciation is also nominal after years of use.

The economy is also good and carbon emission remains well under set standards

An array of engines kicks off with 1.0-Litre Eco-Boost petrol with an output of 99bhp and 125lb ft torque. It is well up to the task and it shows a decent pull to move around. But under load, it is not refined so you may not prefer it for a distant journey.

Ford Tourneo Engine

Tourneo Engine

This engine is fitted only smaller model and quite sensibly not in large models of the range. Tourneo Connect engines range also comprises of diesel power producers and Ford expects a better response from buyers for these. It also starts with 99bhp but the most powerful also comes in the guise of 1.5-Litre that produces 118bhp. The first of the two is quite capable and does not make noise when putting to work under load. It is available in both small and large body styles because of performance excellence. The economy is also good and carbon emission remains well under set standards by the authorities. That is why it has been recommended by most. Manual gearbox comes with either five or six-speed transmissions and the automatic option has only six-speed transmissions. Manual options are rated higher as they are sleek and smooth in function. It is rather noteworthy that for better handling it must be loaded though not fully. The seven-seat model is rather stale even when front seats occupied alone.

Interior layout of the vehicle is well organized

For a large family and plenty of things Connect is one the very few options and by using the better material to build the interior of the vehicle. Luxury in real time is missing and nobody should complain because of the price that is paid to own it.

Ford Tourneo interiror

Ford interiror

For upscale features, there are many other options in this class and they are often out of range of budget buyers. Seat height adjustment is standard and steering wheel reach can be altered according to the need of a driver. With base level trim you do not get the required features for infotainment but with higher trim level scene does change altogether. In this way, it offers a reasonably organized interior layout to the occupants of the cabin.

Safety Features of The Vehicle Give It Five Stars

To start with Zetec trim you get front and rear electric windows, heated windscreen to counter cold weather problems and air-conditioner. And top of this array of packages though not quite expensive let you enjoy driver’s armrest, power side mirrors, cruise control, lights and wipers controlled with auto power and sixteen-inch alloy wheel. Safety features of the vehicle give it five stars in crash test ratings, though five years back but adult protection score is more than 90%. Automatic emergency brakes are standard in Titanium trim and it is the most favourite of the experts. But the most units sold with the base level trim and apparently the reason behind this huge sale is low price. It is devoid of luxuries that you get in other trim levels.

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