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Ford Transit is an all Times Business Partner of the Britishers

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Aug 17, 2018
Ford Transit

Almost every third small business in the UK has a Ford Transit because it offers 10 per cent extra load carrying capacity

The UK market has seen the time when the transit was very famous and every van was called a transit, even it was a Renault, VW, Mercedes, Citroen or Peugeot or even manufactured by Bedford. People ended up calling these models with their actual names. There are largely myriad numbers of Ford Transit trims available in the market, in the UK only there are more than 400 variations available, and the new Ford Transit is capable of carrying 10 per cent additional load amount if compared to its predecessors and similarly the new model more fuel economical and efficient. The all-new panel van has two wheelbases variations available in the UK, along with three body lengths and two roof heights make the Transit an all-time leader of the panel van market.

Ford Transit Commercial Van

Ford Transit Commercial Van

Apart from all these features in the panel vans, the transit is the only load carrier light commercial van which is offered in double cab variation too. The double cab version is an excellent substitute to the seven seaters in the market.

A few years ago, Ford has announced to load all the transit vans with car features and they did on almost the majority of the vehicles so far. The dashboard’s styling cues and lots of its structures had been copied from Ford’s car range. The all new development gadgets are also offered with a valuable voice-activated Ford SYNC smartphone connectivity system.

Why Ford Transit?

Overall, the Transit is a powerful light commercial van on the road. It feels quite a bit smaller than its actual size on the road, offers comfortable riding experience for inexperienced drivers. Ford Transit performance across the range in the UK is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine, reconditioned Ford Transit engines are also easily available in the market and the modern diesel engines named as Duratorq TDCi. These diesel engines offer more torque from lower revolutions and available in three power outputs from 99bhp to 123bhp and 153bhp. The Transit drivetrains are available on all driving modes from front wheel only to all-wheel drive variations.

Ford Transit Engine

Ford Transit Engine

Just before the Brexit vote, Ford has moved its manufacturing facilities and all its business units to Turkey from Dagenham. It is no more a locally produced Transit. The Southampton manufacturing facility has also been closed and the brand new EcoBoost engines are also being fabricated in Turkey now. However, as a minimum, Eco blue diesel engines are still being built at the Dagenham Plant.

Ford manufactures a model for everyone in the UK because they know the needs of their buyers.  The transit is one of the most flexible light commercial van in the UK and it has three engine choices in a number of editions from diesel to petrol. The Bi-fuels technologies also introduced in the Transit engine family and it is capable to run on a couple of fuel options now.

Duratorq Engines Technology

Duratorq Engines Technology

The 2.0-litre engines offered in Ecoblue diesel engines and EcoBoost petrol engines and the Duratorq engines technology in almost all model ranges. There are many garages in the UK offering Ford Transit Reconditioned engines for sale and these Ford engines are efficient and economical units, manufactured according to the needs of the drivers in the UK and deliver excellent performance on the road and becomes even refine while cruising on the motorway.

The transit is not only offered in vans but it has many other variations including school buses, minibuses, load carriers, tippers and even the prison vans in the UK. All the variations have the same prescribed engines and every variation offers second to none performance.

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