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Fuel Efficient Ford Transit Petrol Engines

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Oct 5, 2017
Ford Transit

If you need a van, you are not stuck with diesel power necessarily, buy a petrol powered Ford Transit van for fuel economy


There are a lot of vans on today’s market and you have profusion of models to choose from. But only one model, however, had all the time stood out from the big crowd. The Ford Transit is one of the most respected vans in the segment all thanks to its proven consistency and the tight pricing. The Ford Transit was characterized by a 1.2 tonnes payload competence, low running costs, trouble-free repairs and a wide variety of body styles.


The old Ford Transit that was offered with petrol engines showed power outputs ranging from 75 hp to 145 hp. All of the front wheel drive models are adjusted with a 2.0-Litre engine, 75 hp unit whereas the rear wheel drive ones appear with 2.4 litre, 135 hp units. The petrol engine is really capable and proposes a maximum output of 145 hp, being also accessible in LPG guise along with 141 hp on tap.

Ford Transit Engine

Ford Transit Engine

Outfitted with these muscular engines, the Ford Transit wasn’t a speed idol but it certainly offered decent fuel consumption and all units were consistent to the core. Unluckily they weren’t as developed as the newer engines but they were quite able to get the job done without buzzing. The engines were outstandingly mated on a five speed manual transmission which regardless of its rubbery feel, it was capable sufficient to cope well with the difficult missions of the vehicle.


The general design is boxy and practical along with a munificent load area and an attractive low ground clearance to allow you make easy loading and unloading procedures. The short bonnet is greatly raked to develop the front road visibility and to make the vehicle somewhat more aerodynamic.

Ford Transit Design

Ford Transit Design

The headlights mark a pretty rudimentary design, but they gel quite well with the rest of the body. The stunning central radiator grille has the similar dull design established at the rest of the vehicle Transit, whereas the front bumper is also appealingly simple and apart from its adequately integrated fog lamps there isn’t anything else worth to be revealed. As majority of the vehicles in this class, the Transit is nicely equipped with side sliding doors and back side hinged doors. The Ford Transit body styles involve panel van versions, box vans, chassis cabs, dropsides and even tippers. All the van versions are proposed with either front or back wheel drive along with gross vehicle weights (GVW) of 3.5 tonnes and 3.3 tonnes, correspondingly.


The Ford Transit was a capable and trustworthy partner that offered an openhanded payload capacity and was also presented in an extensive range of body styles which made it flawlessly suited for diverse commercial applications.

Ford Transit Verdict

Ford Transit Verdict

The Ford Transit engines were also moderately capable and the fuel consumption wasn’t too terrible either. The best parts though, were the vehicle’s consistency and its inexpensive costs of maintenance. The ride and handling weren’t something to talk wildly about either and evaluated with other vehicles in its class, the Ford Transit was slightly a half step behind.

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