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Let’s Welcome the Hot Hatch “New Ford Focus RS”

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Oct 6, 2015
Ford Focus RS


The Ford new release has some storming stats and amazing price tag!


Ford has released video of showing its Focus RS, the video shows development and testing. The Ford has brought Ken Block a “professional rally driver” to showcase the video of its stunning model to the world. The video has been released ahead of its actual release at Geneva Motor Show 2016.

Raj Nair, vice president of global vehicle development at Ford highlighted that Focus RS has innovative and electronically controlled twin-clutch all-wheel drive system. The four wheel drive has brought the Focus RS to the next level of performance and power, another revolutionary addition is “drift mode function”, which transfers 70%of power to rear wheels or even to one wheel if required.

Focus ST

Focus ST

It has Dynamic Torque Vectoring system, which keeps the car safe and stable all the time. Another major innovation in the Focus RS, it has the low weight of new four-wheel drive transmission system that weighs around 20k.

The hot hatch has powerful Ford engine, 2.3-litre four cylinders turbocharged Ecoboost engine under the standard bonnet. Focus RS has a magnificent power of 345bhp, top speed of 165mph, and it attains 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds. Ford has achieved some storming stats in its family hatchback, Focus RS. , and CO2 emissions have been reduced to 20%, the Ecoboost engine has a maximum 6,800 rpm, as far as engine efficiency and fuel economy is concerned, Raj Nair said, The Focus RS will cover 35mpg which is better than the previous RS products.

Focus RS interior

Focus RS interior

In regard to the competitors, the focus is faster than its two rivals, the Focus is faster than BMW M135i and Civic Type R, but slower than Audi RS3. Although the liquid blue colour of Focus RS is only for show models but the actual model will appear in absolute black, frozen white and some with Nitrous blue paint.

It is important to mention that the Focus RS is the first car of the Ford which will be available across the world rather than limited to selected markets. When it to come to price of hot hatch Focus RS, it will come up with the price tag of just £28,940.

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