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New Ford Mondeo! A Complete Package for Ford Lovers 

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Aug 20, 2015
2015 Ford Mondeo


New Ford Mondeo has an updated engine line-up for better performance and fuel economy


Ford has always brought the most relevant technology to its huge customer base. The latest release of Ford Mondeo is an example of ford’s engineering that contains a state of the art technology features and comes with strong engine, better performance and reliable safety characteristics. New generation Ford Mondeo has some concrete advantages over the previous generation Mondeo. It is safe to say that this edition is a partially innovative car if not a complete revolt. You can opt for both petrol and diesel engines in the new Ford Mondeo.

Engine specification and models

Ford offers 1.6-litre TDCi diesel engine in new Mondeo, which produces 113bhp and generates 270Nm of torques simultaneously at 1,750rpm. It attains 0-62mph in a short time of 12.1 second.

The new Mondeo goes beyond the expectations of Ford lovers by attaining a top speed of 119mph. Another trim of new Mondeo is available in 2.0-litre with 148bhp, attains that level of power at 1,750rpm.

Ford Engines

Ford Engines

Have you ever thought that you get 0-62mph in merely 9.4 sec and yet show a top speed of 134mph, the new Mondeo with 2.0-litre engine offers both.

Ford offers even more in a Titanium trim of the Mondeo. It generates 178bhp. It has automatic power shift that enhances the fuel efficiency and improves the performance continuously. In 8.6 Sec, new Mondeo Titanium achieves 0-62 mph sprint. It returns 78.5mpg on average that makes it an economical car. The new Mondeo is an environment-friendly car which emits 125 g/km CO2.

Ford Mondeo Interior

Ford Mondeo Interior

All the models of new Mondeo come with the six-speed manual gearbox.

Safety characteristics

Ford has made quite significant modifications in regard to safety measures, by providing driving aids and safety-kit. All Mondeo models come with built-in Microsoft software.

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