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What’s new in the new Ford Focus 2018

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Jul 3, 2017
Ford Focus 2018

Dynamic features of upcoming Ford Focus

The most anticipated next generation ford focus has recently been caught in the daylight. The car was spied and its latest pictures in disguise are all over the internet. People are tying and making guesses of what is under that mask. The good news is that we do not have to wait too long now as the initial unveiling and launch is planned next year. The auto manufacturer must be under tons of pressure to keep their repute and tradition and also bring something innovative and practical. Ford Focus is going through a rough patch with a decline in its sales in the U.S. market. So, the company is really working hard to make a comeback strong enough to make their presence felt.

Engine powerhouse of the car

Ford Focus 2018 Engine

Ford Focus 2018 Engine

Ford has promised a range of engines with varying outputs to choose from. Focus is likely to have a 1.0-Liter turbocharged three cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine in the standard version. The power output of 99 bhp, 123 bhp and 138 bhp are expected from the upcoming models. We also look forward to diesel variants of this powerful engine. A hybrid version may also reveal itself following the release of these basic version, who knows! The enthusiastic engineers are working hard to come up with a piece of brilliance unmatched. So, we have our fingers crossed.

Exterior design inspiration

The latest pictures suggest that ford is still busy trying and testing the new model. The car can be seen concealing major parts which indicates unfinished job. Focus seems to get a lot of design inspiration from Fiesta. The horizontal taillights are looking somewhat raw which means they will have to go through some phases before achieving the final look.

Ford Focus 2018 Exterior

Ford Focus 2018 Exterior

The coupe is likely to retain its ancestor’s traits which is built on a Global C-car platform. We are also expecting the ease of handling and smooth drive that Mk1 and Mk2 versions are best known for. The wheelbase is likely to get a bit of increase to provide more room to the passengers especially in the rear seats of the car. High tensile steel will be mostly used in the construction that will enable the car to shed some weight.

Inside the cabin

Interior of the car seems more refined with a touch of elegance. The previously present cluttered dash is now organized. A touchscreen is mounted at the center of console bulged outwards making it prominent than ever. Infotainment system has been upgraded with latest updates. Lesser relying on buttons and more pronounced is the 8-inch touch screen that controls multiple functions offering ease of access. Other standard features will be built-in too.

Ford Focus 2018 Interior

Ford Focus 2018 Interior


Next year is going to be crucial in the auto industry. Ford focus will be launched in the market around the same time when VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra will be presented for sale in 2018. Both these models are going to give focus a tough time. Let us wait and see who survives this fierce competition.

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