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5 Cool Things about the Ford Focus RS

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Apr 14, 2015
Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS hot hatch packs 315 horses


Focus RS is a hot hatch which packs a 2.3 litre turbocharged Ford engine with 315 horsepower. It runs on all-wheel-drive and a six speed manual transmission. This tiny monster made its first public appearance at the New York Auto Show. These six things show that how the Focus RS appeals to enthusiasts on the road.


Host of Technologies and Features


RS Interior

RS Interior

It may be meant for track days but Ford Focus RS offers a horde of comfort features and a steering wheel with heat technology, seats are also heated while other features include a mono-roof, start-stop technology as standard, making it the only ST or RS version in the US with this engine start and stop technology.


Fixed Steering Ratio


The Ford Focus ST offers a variable-ratio steering bracket, which facilitates the steering to turn swiftly while turning the wheel. It looks like a small change but in all wheel drive it is very successful.


Great Down-force


Focus RS Body Dynamics

Focus RS Body Dynamics

New Ford Focus RS has massive down-force in its range because on the street cruising it very hard to maintain. Ford has claimed ‘zero lift’ on the streets or highway, at the speed of 155mph. The front splitter, rear diffuser and rear wing, all are fully functional and help the RS to maintain aerodynamics.


Exclusive Colour Range


Colour scheme of the Ford Focus RS makes it stand out of the crowd. It faces production constraints in America and will be produced in Germany. It will be offered in four paint variations, the famous nitrous blue, shadow black, stealth grey, and frozen white.


RS Colour Scheme

RS Colour Scheme

Wheels that Save Pounds


New Focus RS has 19-inch wheels painted in grey called ‘Magnetite’ but customers can ask for upgrades to black. These 19-inch wheels are 1.5 pounds lighter per wheel if you compare it with the standard rolling stone wheels.


Focus RS Wheels

Focus RS Wheels

Pick Your Tyres


The above mentioned wheel choice also results in different tyres, Michelin Pilot Super Sport is standard but Ford offers up gradation as an option.

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