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9 Cool Facts about Ford Taurus

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Apr 23, 2015
Ford Taurus

9 Cool Facts about Ford Taurus 2016 debuts at Shanghai Motor Show


The Ford Taurus 2016 for the Chinese market is the one that you might not recognise from its forerunners. Here are 10 cool facts about the new 2016 Ford Taurus which made its debut at Shanghai Motor Show.



Taurus was introduced in US in 1986 and its new model has been introduced at the Shanghai Motor Show. The Shanghai bound version is specifically designed for the Chinese market. A prototype has been seen testing on the Detroit streets, so we can presume a similar version in the Europe soon.



Chinese model will have a 2.7-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 Ford engine. The EU and the U.S will continue using V6 EcoBoost with four cylinders.


SHO Ecoboost-Engine

SHO Ecoboost-Engine



The new Taurus is more like the Fusion in overall design, grille and structure. The D3 platform has been retired and the CD4 will now lead the Taurus.



Chrome is the brightest element which is used in the interior, surrounding the display in the central console, LED lights and the bars connecting the taillights. Exhaust tips are also chromed.


Taurus Head-Lamps

Taurus Head-Lamps



The Taurus features 116.1 inch wheelbase which is longer than 2015 model. It offers longer legroom for the rear seat passengers. Chinese model is five metre long.



Chinese Taurus will be introduced as a premium vehicle where owners will be a passenger rather than a driver.



It will establish itself as a chauffeur vehicle with its plush leather power reclining rear seats with lumber support and massage function. All these features will not be available in EU versions.



A panoramic sunroof, features a slide back function, sunroof slides back over the rear panel rather than sliding underneath it. Headroom is very good too.

Taurus Sunroof

Taurus Sunroof



There are twenty-five storage cubbies with additional space for small accessories. A new cup holders are especially designed to facilitate different sized bottles and cups.


Ford also claims the Focus as Chinese best-selling nameplate, but we are curious to see how Taurus will capture the market.

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