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The Best Selling FORD Cars Ever

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Feb 2, 2017
Best Selling FORD Cars

The best Selling FORD CARS of all time since the birth of FORD Motor Company

It is not the scene of exotic cars or the super cars that can thrust the heartbeat of a car enthusiast but it is like a coffee shop like one on every corner. Taking about the best selling cars by Ford, as in the past ford has seen a golden era too, when every four out of five cars were ford in the world. When other brands were just thinking about the large scale production of the cars, ford was enjoying these practices and producing thousands of cars every year. It is an honor for the FORD Motor Company that they are still in the market and still have some best selling  cars offered for sale with the cheapest Ford engines for sale, such as Ford Fiesta in the UK remained in the list of the best selling car and even in the top five positions for last five consecutive years. Recently we have found a report published by Wall Street Cheat Sheet showing models that have highly trustworthy nameplates, Ford has the best position in the list. The top selling ford vehicles can’t be covered in a count of ten because they are a lot. Several cars remained in the rule for decades and others were sold in millions.

Ford Motor Company has been in the car production since 1903. You can give your gratitude to this legendary car producer through sheer prolonged existence if you found nothing else, the carmaker have built some great and legendary cars over 114 years. They’ve actually set their benchmark to build tough as well as enough great cars that it’s hard to clip up the list down to 10. Okay, not that tough to create the list but it is still tough to beat the models like ford fiesta in the UK market. This article is not focused on the coal miners or diamond buyers but it’s all a question of numbers that how you measure greatness, because we will measure it in the number of sold units. And yes, these numbers are based on scattered sources so they can be wildly inconsistent and irrational too. Let’s start the countdown of the best-selling ford cars of all time since 1903.

10- Ford GT – 2005-present

It is the first but not the last surprise for you that Ford GT is in the list of top sellers by Ford.  The GT is the fastest ever car produced by Ford, thus the reason, we have added this unique model in the list. It was started as a concept around a decade ago and the actual purpose was to revive the heritage of the manufacturer, where mustang and thunderbird like cars are still ruling the minds of ford enthusiasts. There were actually 4500 units planned to be produced on the start but at the end ford as built around 4038 units and 11 of those which were dismantled to be sold as service parts. Out of these 4000 plus units, only 100 were exported to the European countries including the UK. Around 200 were sold in Canada. This model was added to honor the manufacturer for changing its strategy to design the advanced sports cars.

1969 Ford Capri – 1.9 million sales – 1969-1986

A forthright and direct attempt to influence the Mustang recipe in Europe, Ford Capri was chiefly an advanced and sexier body offered in the shape of a beautiful car and it was based on the Ford Cortina. Afterwards the Capri was shifted to a new platform to produce it in large numbers. Through two generations by Mercury dealers, it was sold in the United States, ending its life in 1978 with 1.9 million sales which was massive at that era. Ford Capri was ranked as the highly successful vehicle in the U.S. and the UK. The Capri was retired in 1978 and was not replaced by any ford model. In the Europe, the Capri was using a 2.8 litre petrol engine which was an extra efficient and powerful unit producing around 230 horsepower in its sport model but standard models were less powerful.

Ford mustang – 9.53 million sold – 1964-present

The Mustang produced the “muscle car” class of American automobiles, in the case of The Mustang only, it is a pony car which is an affordable sporty coupe. This is a differently shaped coupe with long hoods and short rear decks and gave a massive competition to its rivals like the AMC Javelin, Chevrolet Camaro, Chrysler Plymouth Barracuda, the Dodge Challenger, and Pontiac Firebird. The Mustang is also accredited for rousing the designs of coupe cars such as the Ford Capri, and Toyota Celica and which were although produced outside the states but ultimately imported to the United States. The Mustang is one of the highly admired cars across the states and now in the European countries as well. It was recently introduced in the Europe with altered configurations. The Mustang has a 5.0 litre ford engine which is largely flexible and excellent. The Mustang is also the first U.S car that has won the Tiffany Gold medal for its design innovation and it remained on the list of top ten cars for years after years. In its life, around 10 million units sold across the globe.

The Best Selling FORD Cars

The Best Selling FORD Cars

Ford Fiesta – 16 million sold – 1976-present

According to the data, ford fiesta has remained a best seller in the UK for any years in the past and in its total life span of 37 years, it has total sales of around 4.5 million units across the UK. The Fiesta has been in the business since 1976 and ford has stated that in the UK and other parts of the world where it was offered for sale, small car segment has led to 27 tiny cars out of 100.

In 2010, the fifth generation of fiesta has been introduced worldwide followed by the sixth generation. FORD has sold around 16 million units across the globe since its launch. In the UK, it has been the best seller for 1990, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2009, to 2014. And it is the record for any hatchback in the UK as it is one of the biggest rival markets across the globe. In 1989 since its launch, just under 1,300,000 units were sold in the UK. It has converted into the best seller ever in the UK in 2014 with the total sales of 4,332,000 units.

FORD F-150 TRUCKS – 35 million sold – 1948-present

It is more than six decades since the launch of f-150 trucks and the first ever f-150 truck was sold as Ford Bonus Built. Initially, the ford trucks were bit shaky and rough to drive as they were developed by focusing the rough use of these trucks. Over the years, ford trucks become sooth like a car. More than 35 million units sold across the globe since its launch in 1948. All these states are making the ford an undoubted king of the trucks.

Sales request for the trucks has no signs that it will be slowing down in the future. Ford recently added a third shift to its Kansas City assembly plant to produce f-series trucks.

Ford Explorer 7.2 million sold 1990-present

Ford explorer is one if the favourite suvs in the U.S and has recently achieved the 7 million sales record since its launch in 1991. In large cases, suvs designed as not further than a wagon but the explorer has the ability to go off road and retained the best in class driving traits. Today, the explorer sales are getting even stronger and ford targeted to sell around 500,000 every year.

Ford Focus 9.2 million sold – 1998-present

Who will answer that why ford focus was considered as a good idea to run with Ford 350 horsepower engine as it was a front wheel drive tiny hatchback, but it was a good idea by the way. At least, Ford managed to build a front-wheel-drive hot hatch which is very powerful and wasn’t crippled by torque steer. It’s just mystic. It has another distinction of being the 35th millionth vehicle and world’s best-seller as well. On this occasion why the Focus was selected to be mentioned, upon this question, ford has stated in their press release that “The Focus is leading the story of success at ford on so many levels because it effectively delivers customers with what they want most – a safe, cool, fuel-efficient, attractive, fun-to-drive, ultimately an affordable car.”

1968 Ford Escort – 18.8 million sold -1968-2004

Although the escort is a simple, straightforward car, in a conventional design with a front engine and rear-wheel drive. All these traits made Ford Escort almost as British vehicle as it is American favourite vehicle. Extremely beloved in the UK, it became an aggressive rally car and a performance icon in the past decades.

Ford Model T – 16.5 million sold – 1908-1927

Although ford f-series trucks are leading the sales story but our top pick for the number-one Ford of all time is the Model T, why? Did you surely have to ask, why? Over a period of 20 years of its life, Ford built about 16.5 million of these oldies, four-cylinder engines at production plants around the globe. It will not be a wrong word to say that Model T has given the world wheels. Ford really did put the world on wheels. The Model T was the first ever car to achieve one million, five million, ten million and fifteen million units sold milestones when world was just thinking about the mobility and 99 percent people across the globe were still using animals for this purpose. By 1914, it was estimated that nine out of every ten cars in the world were Fords and thus the model T.

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