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Ford Engines To Set You Ride AWD Mondeo

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Dec 9, 2015
Ford Mondeo 2015

All time family favourite Ford Mondeo to get AWD after the great 20 years of success


Ford Mondeo finally to get AWD system on its family favourite Estate models for the first time in past 20 years. The load lugging estate is the best family car and it became more special with the Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre TDCi diesel engines. These engines are able to generate around 148bhp of power.

Ford Mondeo Back 2015

Ford Mondeo Back 2015

All new Mondeo estate AWD will be a bit costly than its regular front wheel drive version. If we take a look at the rivals of the all-wheel drive Mondeo without selecting between the powerful engines, the Volkswagen Passat AWD will cost £11,000 extra.


Riding experience


For the most part, the ride is calm and cultured, with an excellent initial body control but on the sharp curves and had bends on the road, it feels bit heavy and loses control, compared to its same class Mazda 6 Tourer.

Ford Mondeo Riding Experience

Ford Mondeo Riding Experience

Engine experience


The fuel economy in the Ford Mondeo also suffers a bit when loaded, but the claimed 57.6 miles per gallon economy is still very appealing. It returns the exhaust emissions of 127g/km of carbon dioxide.


Both figures have shifted their places with 5.2mpg dip in economy and 15g/km rise in emissions over a standard front wheel drive Ford Mondeo.


Ford Mondeo Diesel Engines


The class leading 2.0-litre engine is not a big leader actually, because it doesn’t feel that wild so, for the Ford Mondeo diesel engine lovers, it is not recommended.

Ford Mondeo Diesel Engine

Ford Mondeo Diesel Engine

A slightly weaker 148bhp is actually proving itself a best match for Ford Mondeo.  However, you can wait for an even more economical 1.6-litre TDCi engine as well, it is due this year.


Ford Mondeo Petrol Engines


Ford Mondeo petrol engines include a 240bhp without an ST badge but it doesn’t offer a performance like a hot hatch.

Ford Mondeo Petrol Ecoboost Engine

Ford Mondeo Petrol Ecoboost Engine

A 1.0-litre 3-cylinder Ecoboost engine marks a greatest challenge for the competitors as it a most downsized unit so far.


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