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Ford Ranger – A Rugged Workhorse Emulate The Rivals in the UK

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Oct 8, 2018
The Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger carry heavy loads and deals with all terrain types and appeals its potential buyers

The Ford Ranger is one of the several models in the UK that are specially designed as a rugged workhorse in the segment. The Ranger is ready to pull heavy loads and it doesn’t matter what type of terrain it has to face. The all-new Ranger is rivalling its competitors including the L200 and Mercedes X-Class, Nissan Navara, NP300 and Amarok from VW.  There are three body styles of Ford Ranger, where a regular cab with two seats tends to be reserved for those drivers who love to work for some rugged vehicles.

The Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger For sale

It looks really muscular and powerful with Ford Ranger Diesel Engines. It might suits you the best and it stacks up against its rivals in the UK.


Ford Ranger introduced with three Ford engines.  All of them are diesel engines. There is no other option to choose from, where a 2.2-Litre engine cranks more than 128bhp and the next engine comes with 157bhp power. The range-topping engine is a 3.2 Litre diesel. It is boasting a hefty power of 197bhp from its five-cylinder engine.

The 128bhp engine is very basic power unit. Ranger two seat cab offers most basic trim. It is a two-wheel drive engine and it works really quickly. This engine has the next power level of 157bhp and it grumbles into life with monstrous life upon startup. It offers a poke that a driver actually needs. This engine intended to haul heavy loads and it handles them all really easily. It pulls strongly and has a muscular standing from lower down. It is not expected from a diesel engine that you would not feel a diesel clutter because of it always present. So there is no way to even assume the Ranger as a quiet and smooth vehicle on the motorway speed. But one thing is really positive about the Ford Ranger that it is a much better-managed model than the Navara NP300. It is really fun to live with the Ranger.

The Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Engine for Sale

Now comes the range-topping 3.2-litre Engine following the top of the line 3.0 litre Ford Ranger diesel engine which is little smoother and quieter. At the same time, the Ranger would give you a particularly helpful and muscular ride on all terrains. The manual transmission is a bit notchy and has a longer throw. The manual transmission is a bit frustrating for some drivers but at the same time, it is really smoother for others. For those who consider the six-speed transmission a bit frustrating, Ford has an automatic transmission for them. The automatic transmission is one of the sleekest and keen to react.

The riding experience

As for as riding concerned, the all-new Ranger is one of the best SUV in the class and like all other pickup vehicles. It rides a bit high and remains a bit bouncy as worse the terrains go. However, its decent ability to ride smoothly and its powerful shock absorbers make it relatively different and classic model than the rivals. Ford Ranger engines supply and fit services are available in the UK. There are a number of garages that can offer these services at really competitive prices.

The Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger For Sale

The vehicle offers a slow-witted body roll and steering configurations, and all these features make the cornering ability just awesome. The Ranger comes with a four-wheel drive option and a decent road grip even in really bad conditions. Ford lovers love to do some off-roading with the Ranger and it loves to pull your horse carriers quiet smoothly.

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