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Ford S-Max Comes With a Sporty Nature of the Past

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Jan 20, 2020
Ford S Max

Among the SUV race, this MPV Stands High to Comfort a Family of Seven

Ford S-Max is a very capable vehicle that can seat seven people and it provides them with ample comfort and driving fun. The word sport has changed its meaning and the added meaning has put this one behind.

Once this MPV was the sportiest around and one of its kinds but now others have taken over. The way this present one drive does not employ that it is just a taxi used to carry people from the airport or kids from their education spots.

The present drive is like that of a luxury saloon. The inner is plusher and there are more comfort features added to it now. Ford S-Max Engines are also designed to support the perfect level of comfort.

The driving fun is also present but not as compared to the present standards. This is a typical family car that has a steady performance which ensures the safety of the occupiers.

The driving fun has faded also due to the reason that comfort got the priority. S-Max has got a dashing exterior with two grills as well as narrowed lights that match the diagonal likes on its bonnet.

Cabin quality if fine and space inside are good for five adults plus two kids at the rearmost. The ride is composed and stable soaking up many bumps on the way.

The Two Diesel Engines on Offer

There were petrol and two diesel engines on offer. But the update has excluded the petrol from the list. The 2.0-liter engine has two versions. The first one is an 118 bhp form which has to struggle hard when the automobile is fully loaded with people and luggage.

The other version which is a 148 bhp which has a timing of 10.8 seconds which does not sound fast and it is not in reality. The petrol option which is now dropped was expensive due to its fuel consumption. It was although smooth and a bit faster but practicality was not there.

The diesel engines may be slower but they have an economy that a family person loves. Then there is the pulling power which can easily take in seven people with luggage.

There is a six-speed manual gearbox as standard but there is the Powershift automatic gearbox as an option. Manual gear is quickly more than the other one.

The automatic shifts are not fast and there is a lag in between. Ford S-Max engine replacement is there in the market in a time of need.

The Handling Makes You Mistake the Size

This is a big car but when you are driving it the size vanishes. This is the success of an MPV that its engine and suspension do not let the weight interfere with handling. The ground distance is not that high so the body lean is in control due to the lower center of gravity.

This vehicle remains calm even on country roads and soaks up many of the bumps. The suspension keeps the car in check and does not let it loose control. The ride is a bit firm which is good for the car. It does not let the vehicle float here and there with every move which becomes annoying.

But due to lower ground clearance, it becomes difficult to move the car through jumps or speed breakers. Ford engine supply and fitting service make your life with it easy. Nothing is picture-perfect in this world and there can be problems in the engine also. So where there is a problematic engine there cannot be enjoyable handling.

Interior Space

The plastic which used to be prone to scratches has been replaced. This is a good change as it improves the environment inside. There is not much of it present inside and the places which it does exist are hidden out of sight.

The controls now have a solid feel with good material. The rest of it is good inside. There is a proper space for people to sit and there are a proper head and legroom also. The outer visibility is also good with thin pillars.

There are cup holders too but the boot space is less. It is not planned according to the number of people that are going to sit in. If however the last row is folded there is more available.

High Safety and Reliability Score

This area is the strongest o for this car. There is a lot of safety tech installed inside which is going to be a great help when driving a big car. There is a good number of airbags inside. Tire pressure monitoring is also there.

There are ISOFIX points on the middle seats which is helpful when kids are on board. A big issue regarding the families is that there are no airbags for this row seats and it is not good when kids are the riders.

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